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Detoxification and Support Therapies

Heavy metal and environmental toxin Detoxification


The Ish Sko Centre offers Autonomic Response Testing (A.R.T Test) and detox therapies which supports the detoxification of environmental toxins and heavy metals, prior, during and after mercury filling removal.

As one persons food or medicine could be another persons poison, we use the A.R.T to find where and which toxins are stored within the body and determine which elimination pathway is the safest route to remove the toxins from the body. An individual detoxification and repair plan is than created.

Detoxification is the process of neutralising or elimination of toxins in the body. It is one of the oldest medical treatments known to man. A certain amount of toxic build-up in a person’s body is virtually unavoidable in a world where we face a 24/7 onslaught of pollutants. In the air, water or food we eat.

Everyone can therefore benefit from an occasional if not regular detox.

There are various ways one can detox such as fasting, special diets, colon hydrotherapy, chelation therapy and Far infra red sauna’s.

The Ish Sko Centre targets the detoxification of Heavy Metals and environmental toxins.

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