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Autonomic Response Testing (A.R.T)

Autonomic Response Testing (A.R.T) can truly SEE BEYOND THE SYMPTOMS... and The Ish Sko Centre offers this UNIQUE DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM.

Autonomic Response Testing is an in-depth health diagnostic system devised and developed by the world-renowned Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, with the aim of seeing beyond the symptoms and into the root cause of physical, emotional and mental ailments that may cause health problems. No two problems are the same. That is why A.R.T. allows every treatment to be precisely tailor-made for that particular individual. On the physical front, it could be a supplement, herb, vitamin or mineral which resolves issues such as mercury poisoning, heavy metal toxicity, solvent intoxication, viruses, parasites, bacteria or fungi, as well as food allergies and hay fever. On the emotional/mental level, A.R.T. can uncover the hidden reason for phobias and depression, and help resolve past traumas.

The Five Levels of Healing

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt’s FIVE LEVELS OF HEALING are the beginnings of a new form of medical science - treatment with a focus on CREATING BALANCE and MAINTAINING HEALTH


This level is about our structural body and our bio-chemical processes. On this level are our body sensations (touch, smell, temperature, etc.) and our physical action and movement. Diagnosis can be done through physical examination, X-rays, MRI, CAT scan, laboratory tests, Biological Terrain Analysis and A.R.T II. Treatment options lay in manual therapies such as chiropractic and physiotherapy; surgery; drugs and herbs; radiation therapy; and orthomolecular medicine.


This concerns the nervous system and energy channels such as meridians and chakras, and is expressed through our feelings (anger, excitement, joy, grief etc). Diagnostic can be done through Autonomic Response testing I (A.R.T), Electroencephalograph (EEG), Electrocardiograph (ECG), Electromyography (EMG), thermographic imaging, Chinese pulses, Kirlian photography, and Electro Acupuncture According to Vol (EAV). Treatment techniques are found in acupuncture, neural therapy, bodywork/touch, breath work, emotional release, laughter, relaxation response, and basic meditation. Lifestyle benefits on this level can be found by practicing tai chi, chi gong, meditation, attending social support groups, and involving yourself in voluntary work.


This concerns our mind (consciousness and sub-consciousness), including our conscious mind activities, beliefs, attitudes and thoughts. The related science is psychology. Diagnostics methods are psychological interview, applied psycho-kinesiology, and homeopathy. Beneficial therapies are homeopathy; psychotherapy; aromatherapy, and photon-wave light therapy. Self help on this level can be found in self-development education, transcendental meditation, some forms of yoga and O.A.T. (self-observation techniques).

In western society so much importance is placed on our intellects, with the result that many of us neglect the intuitive and emotional aspects of our life - including our feelings. Bringing this into balance will enhance creativity, productivity and wellbeing.

Many of the so-called “healthy” businesses (those which have grasped this concept and incorporate emotional intelligence in their way of doing business) encourage their greatest resource - people - to “tap into” their own creativity in this area. This is particularly relevant in a world in which the younger generation is likely to face re-training and reinvention of themselves three times prior to the age of 35. Research shows that it is not necessarily the most intelligent person that is most successful and productive but the person who, besides intellect, is able to utilise their emotional intelligence. The Ish Sko Centre can teach and develop these skills.


This level interprets the non-physical communication around us via the unconsciousness.Many people refer to it as their gut feeling, or sixth sense. Our experiences at this level are perceived via symbols, trance, meditative state, dreams, nightmares, curses and spirit possession. It takes a quietened state of the conscious mind to enhance this level. Diagnostic therapies include: Family Constellation Therapy (developed by Dr Bert Hellinger), APN-II, dowsing, shaking (energetic meditation as developed by brahmin Ratu Bagus), oscillation therapy and dream interpretation.


Dr Klinghardt’s fifth level concerns the “spirit body”, and he believes the only relationship that exists here is strictly between the individual, their connection to their inner self, and their god. Physical, mental and emotional traumas weaken the connection to the inner self, and Dr Klinghardt believes if not enough importance is paid to this area there may be a gradual relapse of the patient’s condition. This level represents the patient’s own journey and cannot be incorporated in any form of treatment. It is at this level, when people re-connect to their inner self, that spontaneous healing can occur.

Medical science is developing at a rapid rate and our lifespan is increasing, yet the stresses and strains of modern life are not going away... as a younger generation of patients are finding to their cost. The need for medical intervention that is “cause” rather then “symptom” orientated is more necessary than ever.

The Ish Sko Centre uses Dr Dietrich Klinghardt’s Autonomic Response Testing to determine the most effective treatment.

His Five Levels of Healing is a wonderful coming together of many medical, complementary therapies and plain common sense. The Five Levels are a new approach to medical science - the study and treatment with its focus on creating balance and maintaining health. The Ish Sko Centre believes if the person suffering becomes actively involved in understanding and taking responsibility for and then changing the pathway (outlook and lifestyle etc.) that led to the symptom, the better the results in achieving optimum health. The Five Levels underpin all the centre’s diagnostic and treatment methods.

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