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Optimum Wellbeing and detox Program

Symptoms occur when the self healing mechanism in the body is impaired.

Symptoms are supported by allergies and/or infections. These occur because micro organisms hide in the toxic area invisible to the immune system. Allergies are a reaction of an often over active immune system caused by heavy metals and toxins,.The body fails to eliminate toxins when there are unresolved emotional trauma. The investment of the mind in the sickness weakens the connection to Self.

It’s time to look at Yourself in an exciting new way. It’s time for Optimum Wellbeing.

Are you ready to change your life? To go beyond external, superficial change to a genuine, fundamental shift in the way you view your Self? Are you ready to seize control of your health in ways that you never imagined possible? If your answer to these questions is “yes,” what better time is there than right now?

Beyond quick fixes and superficial solutions

Optimum Wellbeing utilises the best of both worlds, combining modern western and eastern healing modalities to come to a a harmonious personalised treatment programme. Through Optimum Wellbeing your overall well-being can be viewed from a newly informed vantage point, so you are empowered to make healthier lifestyle choices and make it possible for you to identify the steps that will bring you to the level of health you desire to attain. Our supportive, professional team members will offer you the tools and follow-up guidance you need, to successfully integrate this knowledge into your everyday life. These dedicated practitioners embrace a rich variety of disciplines, as well as an appreciation for one another’s methods and the ways they can work together. Most significantly, you’ll select the tools that make sense to you, from a platform of information beyond anything you’ve experienced before. With our support and encouragement, you’ll unfold your personal roadmap to renewed, invigorated health. And you’ll feel great about it.

Take the first step to a healthier you

Optimum Wellbeing includes a series of Wellbeing questionnaires, designed to assess, inform, enlighten, and prepare you to make the best choices for your health.

Initial Assessment
Intensive Evaluation and Care Program
Coordinated Follow-up
Your treatment plan and pathway to Optimum Wellbeing

The ISH SKO Centre offers a philosophy of health care that encompasses every aspect of your being — body, mind, emotion, spirit. The team of physician and dentists combined with complementary practitioners provides a relationship-centred approach to your health and well-being. This means that the relationship between you and your practitioner is an essential part of your healing process. We see ourselves as Facilitators and Informers. Therefore, we prefer not to “prescribe a treatment” for you, but instead work with you to create a treatment plan together.

To learn more about our Optimum wellbeing program and which tests are included as part of the diagnostics contact our Ish Sko Centre on 00353 (0)98 26200 or place an enquiry or order our Optimum Wellbeing Brochure please contact

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