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Autonomic Response Testing (A.R.T)

The human body is constantly on busy, even in sleep. All activity is being monitored, controlled, and organized by an intelligent, bioelectric force called life. Life circulates in our bodies by way of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS is in direct contact with every cell, muscle, and tissue, and it knows exactly what is happening inside our bodies at all times. It is our functional nervous system.

To make this easy to understand, the ANS has two parts: the parasympathetic nervous system, and the sympathetic nervous system, or Yin and Yang. Generally speaking, if your body were a car, the sympathetic nervous system acts as the accelerator, or speeds things up and the parasympathetic nervous systems acts as the brakes, or slow things down. Normal, healthy people have a normal, healthy functioning ANS. Sick people do not have a normal functioning ANS to varying degrees. This is called autonomic dysregulation. Healthy people can regulate between having brakes on (parasympathetic dominance) and having the accelerator on (sympathetic dominance). Sick people can't; they seem to be stuck with either the brakes or the accelerator on. This is called blocked regulation. When your body is in a state of blocked regulation, that means that most of the intelligent bioelectric energy called life is being used to do something in the body: Clean, fix, detoxify, balance, etc

Autonomic Response testing reveals where the ANS is blocked and why.

The most common factors that cause blocked regulation are: Allergies, heavy metals, scar tissue, non-vital teeth, Jaw dis-function, infections and electro magnetic pollution.

Visual field analyses: Colour therapy through the eyes

The Computerized Functional Colour Field tester (CFCFTester) allows a quick, efficient and reliable measurement of the functional visual fields. The Form Fields (functional campimetry), the Colour Fields (red, blue,green) and the Blind Spot can be measured.

Coloured dots will appear on the screen and the patient reacts as soon as s(he) spots the coloured dot, by clicking the 'colour keys', that are programmed on the keyboard or the mouse buttons. The data produce an accurate colour field perception graph, which tells us about the degree and which aspect of the colour spectrum a patient is suffering from mal-illumination.

A Photon-wave colour therapy is then prescribed to help open up and normalize the colour field perception.

Many disorders and symptoms of ill health are directly correlated to mal-illumination (Seasonal affected disorder or SAD is a good example) and are positively influenced by Photon-wave light therapy).

Visual acuity contrast test

F.A.C.T.® — Vision Test for Brain Toxicity.

The FACT (Functional Acuity Contrast Test) is an approved and validated in-office vision test that determines the patient’s ability to discriminate between shades of gray. The test is completely non-invasive and simply involves the reading of a chart at a set distance.

The ability to perceive contrast depends on the fluidity of the cell wall of the cells in the retina. If renegade toxic fats and long chain fatty acids are build into the cell wall, this little light catching protein can no longer travel freely throughout the retina, and impairs the ability to see contrast. Low-contrast visual acuity problems have the potential to drastically influence an individual's ability to function effectively from day to day. Thus, quantifying low-contrast visual acuity is integral to determining the quality of a test subject's functional vision, and Fatty Acid integrity of the cell wall.

Because retinal cells (rods and cones) are really neuronal cells directly derived from the brain, weakness on this test correlates with toxicity of the central nervous system. This may be from interference to impulse transmission over neurons due to fatty acid abnormalities (long chain fatty acids, rancid fats, viral fats etc) and lack of membrane fluidity, or the presence of intracellular toxins from infectious agents or heavy metals.

Toxicity can be viewed as a foreign object sitting on the cell membrane and blocking the fluidity that is necessary for correct sight. The aging process, on the other hand, is associated with a shift in the type of fats comprising the cell membranes away from phosphatidylcholine to sphingomyelin, which directly results in loss of high energy double bonds in the omega 3 and 6 fats needed for optimum cellular function.

The resulting sluggish cell membranes are also much less able to dislodge accumulating toxins. The eye is a window to the brain, which is 60% lipid, and the photoreceptor cells themselves are the highest in lipid membrane complexity. Toxic states, the aging process itself, brain fog, neurodegenerative diseases like MS and ALS, and CNS manifestations of chronic diseases such as Chronic fatigue syndrome and Lymes are conditions which suggest the need for FACT testing. The test is also useful for monitoring the benefits from a series of phosphatidylcholine/glutathione nebulising therapy and oral supplementation intended to reduce nervous system toxicity. Incidentally, visual problems stemming from Vitamin A deficiency, macular degeneration, cataracts, astigmatism, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy may also be revealed by this test.

When a patient fails the test deeper investigation will be needed to understand which toxic fats need to be burned, which essential fats need to be build and which to be balanced. Because the metabolic rate of the cells is fast, nutritional supplements combined with a targeted diet, the health of the cell wall can be positively influenced over a short period.

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