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The ISHKSO Dental Centre offers all regular dental procedures like fillings, gum treatment, crowns and veneers, Extractions and Full mouth rehabilitation to correct function and aesthetic dentistry, with a difference. At our Centre we have your whole health in mind.

We take great pride in our quality and durability of all aspects of dentistry so your dental treatment will not only be beautiful but also functional and supporting the rest of the body.

We adhere to biological dental principles: Do no Harm, Biocompatible materials and high standard protocols to avoid contamination during mercury filling removal (IAOMT approved protection).

Initial Holistic dental examination

Discussion of Patient needs, Medical history and Dental history, Full Mouth Charting of existing restorations, Root fillings and Extraction sites. Initial assessment of general health of the tooth supporting tissues (gums and bone). Occlusal function and TMJ (the way the teeth meet). Intra Oral X-rays. Measurement of Electro-Galvanic activity of metal restorations (fillings, crowns, metal dentures). Includes a written dental proposal and fees.

IAOMT Safety Protocol

During mercury filling removal patients are protected from contamination during an independent air supply, through the nose, are covered with a face drape, are given liposomal Vit C. The removal of fillings are done by covering the teeth with the CLEANUP tip to prevent contamination while using low heat cutting burs. The room is fitted with high powered air filtration to scrub the environment from contaminants . The fee is charged per session and not per filling.

Evaluation of existing Root Canal Treated teeth for new patients

Full dental examination including X-ray, and chair side Oro-tox Test. Oro-Tox test is a fast colourimetric test. With this test we measure toxic compounds, that are formed exclusively by anaerobic bacteria and fungi in non vital teeth.


Simple extractions

When a tooth needs to be removed great care is taken to remove the tooth as atraumatic as possible. The periodontal ligament as well as infected bone and/or abscess will be surgically removed and the socket dressed. Included in the fee Patients receive pre and post extraction Chromatic Light therapy to prepare the body and to help with the healing.

Complex extractions

When an infected tooth needs to be removed and the bone needs to be preserved either for aesthetic reasons or future implant placement, the treatment involves surgical procedures to remove the infection. The socket will be augmented to preserve as much bone as possible. Procedures are planned and scheduled only when specific healing parameters are met for optimum healing and recovery.

Ish Sko Centre Dental

Each new patient is required to have one of the following assessments.

Basic holistic dental examinations stays at 165 euro

This examination is for patients in good general health and low scoring in the Signs and Symptoms health questionnaire.

This includes dental examination, oral tissue examination, intra oral X-rays, electro galvanic reading, occlusal evaluation and oral hygiene maintenance and treatment plan (please allow 2-4 weeks for treatment plan to be arranged).

Comprehensive holistic dental examination 300 euro

This examination is for people with high scoring in the Signs and Symptoms questionnaire, patients querying the viability of root canal treated teeth.

This includes dental examination, oral tissue examination, initial TMJ and occlusal evaluation.

Intra oral examination, oral hygiene maintenance, study models, intra and extra oral photography.

(Orotox test (€85 1 tooth - additional tooth €65) ) for non vital/root canal treated teeth not included) (1 1/4 hr) treatment plan (please allow 2-4 weeks for treatment plan to be arranged).

For a list of our current fees please download the below PDF.

Fees 2018
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