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Urgent: Help ban mercury fillings in Ireland!

To my Irish friends,

We need your help this week!

Last month, we won a crucial vote at the European Parliament when the environment committee voted to phase out dental amalgam on a date certain – and to stop its use for children and pregnant women in just one year. The battle now shifts to the Member State governments (including Ireland!), whose environmental ministries convene as “the Council.”

Please advise the Irish representatives in Brussels how to vote: for the Parliament plan, for the complete phase out of amalgam, and for the prompt ban of amalgam use in children and pregnant women.

Write these 4 Irish officials in Brussels:

  1. Honorable Minister Kelly, minister@environ.ie
  2. Ambassador Hanney, irlprb@dfa.ie
  3. Principal Advisor Bannon, nuala.bannon@environ.ie
  4. Permanent Representative Hurley, alex.hurley@dfa.ie

Tell them to support banning dental amalgam because:

The EU is the largest user of dental mercury in the world, consuming 90 tons in 2010. This is an international embarrassment.

Amalgam is a primitive, polluting mercury product with no place in modern dentistry. Modern dentists should not, and do not, use amalgam any longer.

The Minamata Convention on Mercury calls for action against amalgam, and Ireland signed that treaty.

Then ask your entire network – family, friends, colleagues, and patients – to write the above four officials.

As you know, this dramatic development has been years in the making. We have pushed and pulled at the European Union for the past 6 years – now we are starting to see results. But it will go to naught if the Council vetoes what the Parliament did, which is what the pro-mercury Council of European Dentists is lobbying for.

So contact the Irish officials in Brussels today for a dental mercury-free Europe tomorrow! We can win!


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