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Biocompatability of your dental restorations.

After mercury filings are removed , the question on how best to restore the teeth is an important issue. There are many materials available on the dental market, each with their strengths and weaknesses.

The great advantage of the modern tooth coloured composite materials is that minimal tooth preparation can be performed. With the mercury fillings certain depth and width are necessary to give the filling strength. This however causes the preparation to be more aggressive and often causes fractures due to the undercut that needs to made for the filling to be retained. Composite restorations allow very conservative tooth preparation and enhances the strength of the tooth.

But all is not well with the composites that are available. Many have shown to have cytotoxic properties and can have oestrogen-mimicking chemicals leaking out of the restoration over time. The same issues exists with porcelain and crown material

The Ish Sko Centre uses materials that have been laboratory researched and tested for their safety. During your biocompatibility screening we test each individual for the suitable materials to use

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