Awarded by

IAOMT approved safety protocol


International Association of Metal Toxicology (IAOMT) recommendation the most important measures including:

Protective Barriers

For virtually all-operative procedures involving removing metals from the mouth, a rubber dam is used. A high-volume suction is placed on the "tooth-side" of the barrier and a low-volume suction is placed in the mouth, "air-way" side of the barrier. Mercury vapors that could pass through or around the rubber dam are thus vacuumed into our surgery filters and not inhaled by our patients. Where no rubber dam is used a specially designed suction tip is used in addition to the low-volume suction. In both cases pre and during treatment NDF (Natural Detox Factors - is a certified organic dietary supplement for the safe and effective removal of heavy metal and chemical toxicity) chlorella rinses are used to minimalist contamination. After metal removal, we provide a chlorella rinse and suction to further evacuate potential vapors and particles. Further barriers include eye protection and sometimes frequently changed drapes. The dental surgery space is well ventilated and the air is continually scrubbed with the use of an mercury air purification system.

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