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Recommendations prior to Amalgam Removal

The removal of Amalgam fillings is only safely done in an environment where a dedicated team is available to support your body’s elimination process. All patient are advised to see our health team for our full assessment and heavy metal sensitivity screening. (A.R.T - Autonomic Response Testing - Test) From the screening we can learn about the body’s function and efficiency in elimination of toxins. If there are problems with the elimination organs (Liver, Kidneys, Colon, Skin, Lungs) and their detoxification pathways, the team will develop a personal detox plan with nutritional supplementation, which are recommended to be taken, and guidelines to be followed before, during and after amalgam removal. It must be stressed that they are based on Dr Tim Ray’s Body Terrain Management laboratory testing, Dr Klinghardt’s detoxification protocols and Dr Patricia Kane’s Neurobiological Protocols. These nutritional protocols are well established and reported in complimentary medical and dental literature, and are not meant to treat any systemic diseases, or to prevent any dental complications that may otherwise occur.

WARNING: At The Ish Sko Centre we encourage you to involve you GP in your dental amalgam detoxification treatment. If you suffer a degenerative disease we advise you to inform your GP about the detoxification approach, before taking any of these supplements, especially if your health or excretion is compromised. Please be aware that some herbs interfere with allopathic medication, or may be absolutely contraindicated for use in pregnancy, heart disease or antidepressant therapy.

The most common nutritional supplements are: Chlorella, Freeze-dried Garlic, Electrolytes, Omega 3 oil and Kangan water. These are all available at the Centre.

Information about how to take these supplements is available from our Centre: It is generally recommended to be on these supplements at least 2 weeks before any dental treatment and continuing for at least one more month after completion of therapy.

Throughout the weeks or months of treatment, it is advisable that:

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