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The battery effect of your dental restorations


Oral galvanism is a condition created when two different metals are placed in saliva. Saliva acts as an electrolyte when it mixes with amalgam fillings, to create a measurable electric current of 900 millivolts. This current overpowers the body's normal 450 millivolts, interferes with energy flow to the brain and is suspected as a catalyst in many illnesses.

This same electrical generation process is what produces electricity in your car battery. Many people have a constant metallic taste, which generally is not viewed as a serious problem, but only as "an irrelevant phenomenon". However, clinically, high current and electromagnetic fields in the mouth can have a negative impact the autonomic nervous system, on the energy meridians flowing through the mouth, and be a factor in the lack of energetic nourishment of distant areas of the body.

Electrical currents in the mouth and their potential health effects were first reported in the scientific literature more than100 years ago.

Other alloys, such as nickel in the metal base of bridges and under porcelain crowns, have been documented to lower the functioning of the immune cells (T-4 and T-8 lymphocyte levels) (David Eggleston,DDS. "Effect of Dental Amalgam and Nickel Alloys on T-Lymphocytes: Preliminary Report", J. Prosthetic Dent, 1984, 51(5);617-623.)

We do not know nearly enough about these electrical fields and their effects on our biologic systems, as little research is being done in this area. Future research may demonstrate that such electrical activity in the mouth may be the most damaging side effects of having metals in your mouth, as other areas of concern about the electrical current in the mouth my be demonstrated by EEG (brain) and EKG (heart) measurements.

Any metal materials in the mouth such as gold crowns, chrome cobalt partial dentures, mercury fillings, titanium implants, etc. will set the stage for galvanic currents. In 1985, a research team (A. Knappworst, E. Gura, D. Fuhrmann and A. Enginalev) revealed that when mercury fillings were in close proximity to gold crowns, the mercury release was ten times greater when compared to mercury fillings alone (p132. Mercury Poisoning from Dental Amalgam- a Hazard to Human Brain by Patrick Stortebecker, MD, Ph.D. published in USA by Bio Probe, Orlando, FL).

Testing the electro-galvanic activity of your fillings is a standard test done during your dental examination at the ISH SKO Centre.

Removing the mercury and other metals and replacing them with biocompatible non-metal restorations will resolve the galvanic issue.

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