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Metal Free Implants

Implants have long since established themselves as the most attractive dental prostheses. They offer safety while looking good, and increase self esteem and quality of life. Implants replace lost teeth so well that they generally last longer than a person’s natural teeth.

Whether it is the replacement of a single tooth or if multiple implants are used to reconstruct an entire set of teeth - the material used need to remain robust, neutral and biocompatible for decades.

High-performance ceramic zirconiumoxide, which has been used for artificial hip joints in the field of oforthopedics for a long time now, fulfils these requirements better than any other material can.

The ISHSKO centre offers biocompatible METAL FREE dentistry. Metals used as restorative materials in the mouth can have a negative impact on the entire body. Ceramic implants from SDS are completely metal free and 100% biocompatible.

The implant’s biocompatible nature allows for the gum tissue around the implants to regenerate very well and its white aspect offers high aesthetics results.

Due to its specifically designed and patented screw thread there is a quick and excellent integration into the bone, which can be stress loaded in a matter of weeks. This is a great advantage compared to titanium implants, which need much longer time to heal before a permanent restoration can be placed.

In order to optimize the bone healing process after the placement of implants, the ISHSKO CENTRE offers nutritional protocol for advanced immune modulation and optimization of the bone integration.

This involves a vitamin D spot-blood test and Autonomic Response test for supportive liposomal nutritional supplementation.

Root canal treatemd teeth can pose a health risk

The ISHSKO CENTRE offers OROTOX chairside tests and Autonomic Response Testing to determine the health risks of root filled and non-vital teeth.

Which bacteria lurk in the dead tooth?

In a study of Siquiera et al. micro-organisms were detected in all endodontically treated teeth with apical inflammation, suggesting a chronic infection. If an inflammation of the root apex can be recognised in the X-ray, the failure rate of a root-treatment is increasing clearly based on the chronic infection. For more information about root canal therapy please contact the ISHSKO CENTRE.

Many root-treated teeth present some kind of inflammation of surrounding tissue, effectively diagnosable by a DVT scan (three-dimensional X-ray picture). The cyst at the root apex is nothing but a kind of capsule formed by the immune system around the infected area to protect the body from this area. Highly toxic teeth ankylose frequently with the surrounding bone. Local metabolism comes to a stop - similar to a prison, the body immures the tooth. The only possibility to escape this chronic intoxication is the surgical removal of these dead teeth, as well as of inflamed or cystic tissue. Residue-free curretage of soft bone is mandatory. Next step is the ozone disinfection of remaining tissues.

Perfect aesthetic and immunological solution: ceramic implants made from zirconia

Zirconia is an electrically neutral ceramic, highly biocompatible and without any interference field characteristics. In contrast to greyish titanium it is metal free and highly aesthetic by its white colour. Zirconia implants combine best biocompatibilty with perfect aesthetics. Recently zirconia implants are also available as two-piece screw retained implants for all indicatons.

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