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Root Canals

Root canal treatment (endodontic therapy) for the purpose of retaining a tooth in the mouth if its nerve dies or is abscessed is a last resort. In fact a tooth is the only organ or tissue in the body that is not removed when it dies.

Instead, mainstream dentistry treats it by removing only the dead tissue from within its canal(s), disinfecting the space created, and filling it with an inert substance. Such a tooth will survive in the mouth for years if properly restored. For most biological dentists, however, the disturbing aspects of this type of therapy are the following:

The decision whether to keep or extract a dead, root canalled or dying tooth ultimately needs to be made by the patient.

Factors to consider, however, are:

The ISHSKO CENTRE does not advocate root canal therapy. The Centre offers patients a chair-side OROTOX test along side Autonomic Response Testing ( A.R.T.) with our A.R.T. practitioner, to assess the level of toxicity and the type of associated infection.

Our immune modulation program addresses the patients nutritional needs, prior during and after the removal of the toxic tooth and prepares the body for optimum recovery in preparation for replacement of the affected tooth with our biocompatible metal free implants.

The OroTox test

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