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The aligners are virtually invisible Rainer BEAUTY teeth straightening rails. Simple and discreet the aligners encourage the teeth into the correct position.

The rails are seated easily and discreetly and with the Rainer BEAUTY the teeth are moved into alignment, including gaps between teeth, crowding and crooked teeth.

Using a virtual 3D technology, planning can be performed simulated movements of your teeth that can be demonstrated on screen. Using this advanced technology you can already see in advance how your teeth will look like after completion of treatment and helps you understand the planned movement of individual teeth or teeth sections, carefully before proceeding with the aligner therapy.

The number of aligners needed is calculated from the degree and type of movements.

In each of the custom-made transparent aligners Rainer BEAUTY treatment progress is incorporated over 14 days. After the aligner has been worn for the first two weeks a new aligner is provided to move to the next phase. This ensures that work is always carried a metered, gentle pressure on the tooth to be moved lots or individual teeth.

The first results are visible after a short time.

Gentle and safe, step by step to the desired smile!

Rainer BEAUTY makes it possible!


Beauty Benefits of Rainer

What should I do?

What do I need as a patient?

If you are interested in Rainer BEAUTY, you should contact Dr Evelien van Amerongen and express your desire to connect. Dr Evelien van Amerongen needs only an impression of your upper and lower jaw , register the positional relationship of the two jaws with a bite registration paste and take some profile pictures. Using the models and the registration, the 3-D planning is carried out, which you and the dentist can look at after a few days . on the computer screen. Of course, we will honour your wishes in the planning, Due to the 3D analysis you can see in advance how your teeth reposition could look like after the beautification with Rainer Beauty.


How much does Rainer Beauty cost?

The cost of Rainer BEAUTY is dependent on the degree of malocclusion or tooth movements to be performed. Therefore, the number of tracks can be determined only after careful analysis. The more pronounced the movements are to be executed, the higher the number of necessary tracks and the higher the costs. Take your time with the Dentist to discuss the possibilities . The first scheduled appointment for the study models and bite registration to asses the suitability for the Rainer BEAUTY Aligner and 3D Planning is charged at 250 Euro. Treatment is subsequently charged per ALIGNER at 150 Euro.

If you are looking to improve your smile line you are welcome to contact us at the ISHSKO CENTRE to discuss the Rainer beauty Aligner treatment .

Our contact number is 00353 9826200.

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