Dr Evelien van Amerongen

Optimum health - Going beyond the symptoms, my personal story

Both my parents worked in dentistry, my father was a triple professor in dentistry and my mother worked in the dental laboratory and assisted my father as a dental nurse. Both worked with mercury amalgam and other dental restorative metals.

In those days, mercury was added to a silver amalgam and mixed by hand in a little rubber cup. Their exposure to mercury was high to say the least. During my mother’s pregnancy this mercury was passed though the placenta and later through the breast milk to me, so I was born and grew up with a high body burden of toxins. Then one day as a 6-year- old I sneaked in to the surgery and played with the wonderfully glistering little mercury bubbles that just could not be caught, what ever you tried.

I became acutely toxic and suffered the consequences. For months on end I was put on high protein and fat diet and supplements to remove the body burden of mercury. Later in my early twenties, when I became a dental student and had to mix mercury amalgam, I revisited the symptoms of toxicity but in a much more severe way. My adrenal, immune and thyroid function began to fail, I put on a lot of weight quickly and could hardly walk to the bus stop without being exhausted.

It took a fellow medical student to recognise the symptoms and insisted I would visit the toxicology department in the hospital and have some tests done. IV- chelation and strict nutritional program brought me back to health, but left me with many questions.

What doctors did not want to know

I was often confronted with a hostile and dismissive attitude when it came to the heavy metal issue, when talking to the dental and medical profession. I learned that to get these questions answered I had to look outside the dental curriculum. From the many thousands of hours of continued professional education in the environmental aspect of health, it became very clear that modern diseases have several common factors:

A heavy burden of toxins combined with unresolved psycho emotional conflicts, block the expression of the inert blueprint of optimum health.

I qualified in Dr Klinghardt’s developed Autonomic Response Therapy, which is based upon the ancient Vedic knowledge “the 5 Levels of Health.” I founded the ISHSKO WELLNESS CENTRE  where I have incorporated this therapy with its many facets, into my integrated detox clinic  initially in the UK and now in Ireland for over 18 years, with great results.

Because of the complexity of the human body, I felt that it was needed to incorporate the different treatment modalities under one roof. This has proven to offer great value for our patients. Pooling diagnostic values and a team approach to treatment allows us as practitioners to offer strategies and therapies as well as education to our patients in making healthier lifestyle choices, that give long lasting health benefits.

Over the last two decades I developed treatment remedies and tools to support the resonance of the healthy frequencies in our body. Each healthy organ, tissue, emotion or mental state have their own unique vibration. This Vibration can be swamped or agitated by emotional, mental or physical trauma, toxicity and inflammation.

Achieve optimum health by going beyond quick fixes and superficial solutions.

Our team members will offer the tools and follow-up guidance you may need, to successfully integrate this knowledge into your everyday life. And you’ll feel great about it, just as I did.

If you are interested in achieving optimum health you can get more information about each of the modalities and services here on our website or contact us to discuss any questions you may have via our email:  ishskodental@protonmail.com

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