Children are Welcome

At The ISHSKO Dental Centre we endeavor to make your child’s visit a positive one. Our relaxed environment allows your child to become familiar with dentistry in a play full way. The dentists uses the tell-show-do approach, which works toward a trusting relationship. Even for the youngest of patients this makes treatment possible. No “sharp” words are used and parents are encouraged to prepare their children the same way. Most of the time we see the children skip into our surgery, while the parents reluctantly drag behind…

Parents may carry their own dental fear with them, which can be picked up by the child. In that case, we may ask the parent to wait in the waiting room until the procedures are completed, so the child can relax and be more cooperative. Our team focusses on prevention and will assesses the dental and oral development of your child.

Great progress is been made in prevention. The use of xylotol dental gum 3-5 times per day by the mother during pregnancy and for the first year of the child (if she does not have any mercury fillings),the child will not experience decay for 5 years, and this effect continues at the age of ten. Xylotol inhibits the growth of the caries producing bacteria streptococcus mutants.

In Japan research showed that pregnant mothers and children supplemented with chlorella growth factor and omega 3 essential oil, all developed beautiful arches, facial structures, which has a relevance to developing better general health later on in life.

To make an appointment please contact us or phone the centre on 0949022468.

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