Mercury Free

Mercury Free Dentistry

When you have a tooth restored or filled at the ISHSKO Dental Centre it won’t contain mercury.

Composite fillings bond to your teeth and make them stronger. Old amalgam fillings can become noticeably corroded. It is common for them to separate from your teeth, leaving them open for bacteria to grow and promote even more decay.

A shade of composite is selected to match your natural teeth. People can’t tell that you have a filling when you laugh or smile. When your tooth is prepared to fill the cavity, less healthy tooth structure has to be removed than with amalgam fillings.

If the tooth contains a mercury filling, it is carefully removed under a safety protocol approved by the IAOMT (international Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology).

Research shows that Mercury toxicity is not dose dependent but host dependent. It depends on aspects like epigenetic make-up, nutritional status and emotional stress. It is important to make sure that the elimination organs are fully supported prior, during and after mercury filling removal. Great care is taken to avoid that the body is contaminated during the filling removal, however the body’s stored toxins will be released afterwards. For that reason, we request patients to complete our “Signs and Symptoms” questionnaire as part of their initial assessment, so it can be discussed what is recommended to support the body’s elimination process and when it is safe to commence the dental work.

To make an appointment please contact us or phone the centre on 0949022468.

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