Whole Body Dentistry

Principles of Dental Care

Optimum Dental Health (teeth and gums are free of cavities)

Non-toxic Restorative Materials. Each Patient is individually tested for biocompatibility

Stability (the teeth and gums are strong and sturdy)

Function (the normal pain free function of the teeth, gums and the jaw)

Comfort (a natural relaxed feeling)

Aesthetics (pleasing attractive appearance)

Integrative approach to optimum health

What We Offer

The ISHSKO Dental Centre offers all regular dental treatment. Procedures include, gum treatment, restorative dentistry, crown and bridges, cosmetic dentistry, dentures and extractions, etc., but with a difference! We aim to create an environment in which you can sort out your dental health priorities, gain answers to technical questions and be assured that your overall health will be our primary concern.

We follow holistic health principles and take into account that there exists a very intricate inter-relationship between the teeth, the mouth and the body, which need to be respected. How restorations are made and what materials are used in the mouth may have repercussions on other parts of the body.

Our Practitioners

The dentists at the centre are aware and concerned about the choices of  restorative materials available to day. Some materials contain chemicals that have shown a possible effect on  the immune system or hormonal system.

Most patients that we see at our centre have a long history of medical issues, chronic disease, poor dental work, failed childhood orthodontics, deeply ingrained fears, obscure facial pains, and chronic heavy metal toxicity. Therefore, a multidisciplinary approach has to be taken with many patients. We work closely with practitioners in the conventional medical as well as the complementary field, to provide the best possible service to the general well being of you, the patient. If patients suffer multiple chemical sensitivities or is concerned about the choice of materials used a referral for testing of the biocompatibility of the dental materials can be arranged on request.

Our composite and crown materials  and implants are specifically chosen for their high biocompatibility and do not contain BPA’s or metals.

Integrative approach Team

In complex dental restorative  cases, often treatment is needed which lays outside the field of restorative dentistry . Over the many years a strong cooperation with specialised practitioners throughout  Ireland and Europe has been created, ranging from specialised oral surgery to orthodontics, from nutritionists to chiropractors.
When needed the appropriate referral can be arranged on request.
To make an appointment please contact us or phone the centre on 0949022468.

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