Metal Free Implants

CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE Ceramic Implants for the highest standards

Implants have long since established themselves as the most attractive dental prostheses. They offer safety while looking good, and increase self esteem and quality of life. Implants replace lost teeth so well that they generally last longer than a person’s natural teeth.

Whether it is the replacement of a single tooth or if multiple implants are used to reconstruct an entire set of teeth – the material used need to remain robust, neutral and biocompatible for decades.

High performance ceramic zirconiumoxide, which has been used for artificial hip joints in the field of oforthopedics for a long time now, fulfills these requirements better than any other material can.

The ISHSKO Dental Centre offers biocompatible metal free dentistry. Metals used as restorative materials in the mouth can have a negative impact on the entire body. Ceramic implants from NobelPearl zirconia implants from Nobel Biocare are completely metal free and are 100% biocompatible.

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To find out more about “Biocompatible Zirconia Implants” please download our informative leaflet.

To make an appointment please contact us or phone the centre on 0949022468.

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