Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

The oral cavity is colonized with billions of bacteria. The majority are harmless. However as well as cavity-causing bacteria there are also so-called “anaerobes”; bacteria and germs that do not require oxygen to survive. These can occupy the small tubules inside the dead or endodontically-treated teeth, or periodontal pockets. These harmful bacteria produce toxins that are very harmful for the body. Research shows that chemicals introduced into a nerve canal are transported throughout the body and can cause health issues away from the tooth. At our dental practice we offer the latest OROTOX test which can reliably assess if harmful toxins are produced by the tooth in question.

Our centre does not advocate root canal treatment and will discuss the pro’s and con’s of this treatment if a tooth’s vitality is compromised and what other options are possible if a tooth needs to be extracted. Patients can then make an informed decision whether root canal treatment is the suitable option for them. We refer patients for root canal treatment to an endodontist, if this option is preferred.

Alternatives to root canal treatment are biocompatible zirconium implants, ceramic bridges or partial removable dentures.

If non-vital teeth need to be removed, great care is taken to also remove the infected tissues that surround the root.

To make an appointment please contact us or phone the centre on 0949022468.

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